Sun Safety Policy

Sun Safety Policy (implemented 9/9/09, to be reviewed each September)


Queensland has the highest rate of skin cancer in the world. Of all new cancers diagnosed in Australia each year, 80%are skin cancers. Given that Netball events often take place during peak ultraviolet radiation [UVR] times throughout the day, sporting organizations play a major role in both minimising UVR exposure and providing an environment where policies and procedures can positively influence long-term Sun Smart behaviour.

Skin damage, including skin cancer, is the result of cumulative exposure to the sun. Research shows severe sunburn contributes to skin cancer and other forms of skin damage such as sunspots, blemishes and premature ageing. Most skin damage and skin cancer is therefore preventable.
With this in mind, Bundaberg Netball Association, [from here on will be referred to as ‘BNA’] realises the need to protect participants, organisers, officials, coaches or spectators [from here on will be referred to as ‘members’] from the sun and educate them about Sun Smart behaviour, thus reducing the risk of skin damage from overexposure to the sun.


The policy aims to:

  • Provide ongoing education that promotes personal responsibility for skin cancer prevention and early detection
  • Provide sporting environments that support Sun Smart practices
  • Create awareness of the need to reschedule events where possible to support Sun Smart practices


BNA recognises that winter sun also contributes to skin damage. The implementation of this policy will be ongoing throughout the year. The purpose of this Sun Smart policy is to ensure all members of BNA are protected from the harmful effects of the sun throughout the year.


BNA will:

  • Inform members about BNA’s Sun Smart Policy when they apply for membership
  • Follow the Cancer Council Queensland guidelines for Sun Smart clothing when choosing, designing or redesigning uniforms
  • Where possible, hold training sessions and competitions at venues that provide adequate shade for members
  • Provide suitable shade structures for events where existing shade is not adequate for members and encourage spectators to bring their own portable shade structures
  • Ensure that, wherever practical, activities [e.g. training sessions] take place before 10am or after 3pm and investigate feasibility of having evening training sessions, games and events
  • Promote Sun Smart behaviour through posters and information brochures
  • Encourage all members of BNA to act as role models for younger members in all aspects of Sun Smart behaviour by:
    • Wearing appropriate hats and clothing for all netball activities
    • Using provided SPF 30+, broad spectrum, water-resistant sunscreen
    • Seeking shade whenever possible between games/warm-up sessions at competitions and training sessions
    • Wearing sunglasses when appropriate that meet the Australian Standard
    • Regularly reinforce the Sun Smart policy through newsletters and club completion
    • Review the Sun Smart policy annually e.g. At end of the season [Sept]


Members will:

  • Be aware of BNA’s Sun Smart policy, having been informed about it upon registration
  • Take responsibility for their own health and safety by being Sun smart
  • Comply with Sun Smart rules and guidelines by wearing suitable hats/clothing
  • Apply SPF30+ broad-spectrum, water resistant sunscreen 20 minutes before going outdoors